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Discover HCD Real Estate, your gateway to prime commercial properties for sale or lease. Our expert team navigates complex transactions with customized solutions and exclusive listings. We ensure transparency, clear communication and comprehensive marketing strategies, including professional photography and targeted online advertising. Contact us today to unlock your commercial property’s full potential.

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At HCD, our tailored process ensures a smooth and efficient journey to securing your ideal business space. From initial analysis to ongoing management, we handle every detail with precision and expertise, ensuring your property needs are met with the utmost professionalism. Trust us to guide you seamlessly from start to finish, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.


We provide an in-depth understanding of the retail market, offer tailored solutions to help you maximize the potential of your space, deliver a prime location selection and more.

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With a focus on strategic location selection, lease negotiation and efficient property management, HCD optimizes your work environment for unparalleled productivity and success.

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We specialize in industrial real estate, offering tailored solutions for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and more. Our experienced team is committed to delivering you exceptional results.

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Buying Investment Properties

We help guide investors to lucrative opportunities in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring personalized strategies to maximize returns and mitigate risks, ultimately aiming to build wealth and create future opportunities.

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From identifying prime locations to assessing zoning regulations and land-use considerations, our team leverages industry expertise to ensure you find the ideal piece of land to bring your visions to life.

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Our Process



The process starts with a needs analysis meeting where we discuss factors such as space requirements, location preferences, budget constraints, desired amenities and more.

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Market Research


We then conduct thorough market research, analyzing trends, vacancy rates, rental rates and property sales to pinpoint the best options for you.

Property Tour and Evaluation


After identifying potential properties, we take you on a tour of each one to assess factors like property condition and overall alignment with your business' operations.

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Step 4



After selecting a preferred property, we then negotiate lease terms, rental rates and duration with the property owner or landlord.

Executive Contract


The executive contract is drafted, outlining rights and responsibilities for both tenant and landlord, including lease duration, rental rates and any additional provisions.

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Step 6

Due Diligence


At HCD Real Estate, we do our due diligence, which involves property inspections, reviewing lease agreements, checking zoning regulations and more. 

Ongoing Maintenance & Management


We continue to work closely with our property management team to address any maintenance issues, renew lease agreements as needed and ensure the ongoing success of your business.

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